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For decades, Neish has surprised leaders around the world by how far their teams can be developed using experiential psychology. Childhood roots of character, shadow work, somatic awareness, emotional intelligence and constellations felt a step too far for many business professionals until it was practically and sensitively demonstrated by Neish.

Now you can access these tools and theories online.  Welcome to Neish's interactive home. From here you can access our live programmes and digital library.

Our Next Online Programme, A Leader's Character starts 3rd November 2020

Most of us can read people's body language pretty well.  We can guess if they are stressed, relaxed, dangerous or peaceful within seconds of meeting them. Character and Relationships Online brings this intrinsic knowledge to the surface so that we can understand the complex personality structure behind these physical signals and use it to lead better. Leaders will learn how to develop their teams in a new way and construct conversations that were unavailable to them before.
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Knowledge Library

For the first time, Neish is offering friends, clients and followers access to its knowledge store. By joining the library, you will be able to see our recorded programmes, short concept videos, interviews and journals. We are starting with what we have but as the months go on the shelves will eventually bulge with ideas. Each month we will add to or update our material and each month you can learn something new about leadership.