A Leader's Shadow: Module 2 - Rackets by Neish Business

A Leader's Shadow: Module 2 - Rackets

A racket is a complaint, which justifies associated negative behaviour to get a relational advantage (pay-off). It is damaging to relationships in the long run. The racket is activated by a perceived assault on an emotional vulnerability, which the racketeer is unwilling to examine.  Instead, they create a complaint, which is skewed to support the use of a defence (or ersatz) emotion. This is a more bearable emotion, witnessed growing up and through years of practice, has become loaded with devices to generate relational benefits. These pay-offs include privileges, dominance and/or self-justification. As a result of these pay-offs and the initial trauma trying to complete itself, the racketeer can develop repetitive self-sabotaging behaviour, unaware of the cost to their relationships. Learning how to be honest about our own rackets and identify them in others, helps leaders navigate the shadow side of the human condition and find creative ways to ensure that the right conversations are being had.

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Module 2: Rackets
A Leader's Shadow Module 2: Rackets
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