A Leader's Character - 9:30am Live Programme Bundle (£250+VAT) by Neish Business

A Leader's Character - 9:30am Live Programme Bundle (£250+VAT)

Thank you for shopping with us. This product contains all 5 9:30am live programme sessions. Each programme last 1 and a half hours long; 1 hour of presentation and then 30 minutes for breakout room sessions and Q&A. You will also receive a journal for each module 2 days before each programme begins. These contain all the theories behind what we teach.
“Participating in these webinars is a wonderful way to reflect on oneself, as well as one's relationships... They provide a unique opportunity to reflect on some of the most important parts of our lives…” 
David Napier, President Amerigo Education.

What's included?

A Leader's Character Module 1 - 03/11/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT

Roots of Personality - 5 stages of development. What happens to us in the first 6 years that cause entrenched personality patterns to form?

A Leader's Character Module 2 - 10/11/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT

High and Low Functioning - What are the gifts and issues that come with each personality type?

A Leader's Character Module 3 - 17/11/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT

Leading the types - how do we get the best contribution from each personality pattern? What leadership do they respond to?

A Leader's Character Module 4 - 24/11/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT

What type of Leader? What are the unique ways the character types can lead one another?

A Leader's Character Module 5 - 01/12/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT

Developmental Pathway - How do you help each character to grow? What are the hidden, inner paradoxes that release the gifts when embraced?