A Leader's Character Module 2 - 12/11/20, 7pm UK, £50+VAT by Neish Business

A Leader's Character Module 2 - 12/11/20, 7pm UK, £50+VAT

Starts Nov 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM GMT

High and low functioning is a way of describing character at its best and worst. High functioning personalities are able to deal with the complexities of life. They can operate along a spectrum of behaviour, sometimes adopting the opposite approach to their habits, when the circumstances demand. These people know who they are and are open to diverse characters. Low functioning is when the tensions are not held so well. These characters deny the messiness of reality and live in worlds that “should be so”. Where they have been over-indulged, they are prone to explosive assertions that hurt or inconvenience others unnecessarily. High and low functionality is a useful way to consider the merits and demerits of personality. It is hopeful. No one is consigned to a lifetime of limping along with inescapable character flaws. There is room for development, and in the right conditions, anyone can shine.

Thank you for shopping with us. This product contains a one and a half hour live webinar; 1 hour's worth of material and half an hour of breakout rooms and Q&A. A journal explaining all the theories will be sent to you two days before the event as well.