A Leader's Character Module 4 - 24/11/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT by Neish Business

A Leader's Character Module 4 - 24/11/20, 9:30am UK, £50+VAT

Starts Nov 24, 2020 at 9:30 AM GMT

The broader diversity of leaders, the broader diversity of people that can be led. The five different character styles lead differently. Tapping in to some of our naturally adapted skills can create a style of leadership that is uniquely brilliant. Some people are designed to be Thought Leaders, others Social Leaders, Power Leaders, Behavioural Leaders and Performance Leaders. There is something in each of the character patterns that naturally exhibits brilliant leadership skills. Finding these gifts in ourselves and working on the blind spots, creates more whole and rounded leaders. It also alerts us to what could hook us and derail us from our potential.

Thank you for shopping with us. This product contains a one and a half hour live webinar; 1 hour's worth of material and half an hour of breakout rooms and Q&A. A journal explaining all the theories will be sent to you two days before the event as well.