A Leader's Character Module 1 - 05/11/20, 7pm UK, £50+VAT by Neish Business

A Leader's Character Module 1 - 05/11/20, 7pm UK, £50+VAT

Starts Nov 5, 2020 at 7:00 PM GMT

As children, in the early stages of development, we lack the requisite behaviour to discharge the build-up of emotion. We need our parents to soothe us back to a relaxed state. When parental care is absent or misapplied, we protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by blocking the emotion. This involves muscular constriction and psychological dissociation from the experience. If blocking is repeated too often or the circumstances are too intense, we develop habits of physical tensing and patterns of psychological reaction. Over time, this produces a recognisable muscular armoury with attendant repeating behaviour: a personality symbolised by our body.

Thank you for shopping with us. This product contains a one and a half hour live webinar; 1 hour's worth of material and half an hour of breakout rooms and Q&A. A journal explaining all the theories will be sent to you two days before the event as well.