A Leader's Character Module 3 - 19/11/20, 7pm UK, £50+VAT by Neish Business

A Leader's Character Module 3 - 19/11/20, 7pm UK, £50+VAT

Starts Nov 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM GMT

If leaders are flexible and adaptive in their style, they can create the conditions for excellence in a wider group of people. When all the character styles are contributing to a team’s performance, it can excel and impress a wider stakeholder base. Understanding a person’s core motivators, language, preference for human proximity, preferred environment and challenges means we can set them up for success. We can create circumstances that play to their strengths and avoid some of their weaknesses. By matching someone’s thinking style in our communication, we relax their ego defences. This allows them to engage more easily, opening them up to better conversations and more stretching challenges.

Thank you for shopping with us. This product contains a one and a half hour live webinar; 1 hour's worth of material and half an hour of breakout rooms and Q&A. A journal explaining all the theories will be sent to you two days before the event as well.